Beyond Efficiency is a design driven project in which we explore what urban sustainability could be like, should sustainability interpreted beyond modernist understandings of efficiency. The project does so through developing speculative and/or critical design experiment. Learn more…

“Urea granulate” that have been soaking in water for 12 hours (photo by me)
Step to generate (photo by me)

In Nudging and participation for greening urban lifestyles we want to learn more about nudging and participation as governing strategies for affording sustainable urban lifestyles, including how they work (or not), why they work (or not), and the politics at play in the two strategies. Learn more…

Gendered Sustainability seeks to critically explore alternative narratives of sustainable everyday life. The project takes an eco-feminist point of departure and seeks to question and go beyond binary representations of gender norms in relation to energy use. Learn more…

Deck of card developed by me and Lisa Enzenhofer (photo by me)


SLU Futures Lab is a one year project in which eight researchers at SLU are invited to try out different types of scenario approaches and methods in practice. The overarching aim of the project is to explore ways to strenghten the futures literacy in research, education and outreach activities. Learn more…


I’m part of the reference group for the revision of the exhibition Human Nature. The exhibition is currently on display at the Museum of World Culture in Gothenburg, but will be moved to the Museum of Ethnography in Stockholm during spring 2020. In relation to this the exhibition will be revised and supplemented with a futures-oriented ‘outro’.

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The newly funded communications project Future Walks is headed by Johannes Stripple at Lunds university, and aims at exploring how climate change can be communicated beyond ‘hard’ facts. More information to come!